All American Gymnastics Boys Team currently has competitive teams at the Compulsory and Optional levels. All American Gymnastics is proud to have helped over 50 male and female athletes receive Collegiate Scholarships. Our Competitive Team continually wins State, Regional and National championships. We are proud of our Boys Team and the success we continue to see. We believe in building each boys confidence, technique, and success in all areas of their life.


   – *Compulsory Gymnastics *is level 4 through 7. We follow national USAG specific routines.

      These routines help gymnast build a strong foundation of skills before the child

      advances to the Optional level.

   – *Optional Gymnastics *is level 8 through 10. Gymnasts compete routines that are

       composed of certain requirements depending on the level and skill.

*For more information Contact our Boys Team Director Matt Austin at or call 801-796-9610